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HotSpring® Hot Tubs – Grandee 2013 Review

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HotSpring® Hot Tubs – Grandee 2013 Review


A few important factors we considered in choosing a hot tub for this review were: size and purpose (to allow ample room for assisted hydro therapy and seat others comfortably – seats 7), height (to allow deeper submersion and avoid over buoyancy of some of the smaller tubs which make it hard for the user to keep their torso submerged), ease of water maintenance and overall quality and brand reputation.

The body naturally produces beneficial reactions when it’s submerged into a hot tub. The warm waters become a natural remedy to body aches and pains, sleeplessness, stress, anxiety, stress on weak muscles, and diabetes etc. The increased temperatures cause the body’s muscles and blood vessels to expand, allowing blood flow to increase, decreasing the strain on the body. As blood vessels increase in size and expand due to temperature increase, allowing the vital nutrient filled blood to flow throughout the body.

The steps at the entrance of the tub leading to the base floor of the tub ensure safer entrance for people with muscle weakness and a lack of stability. Located up against the wall of the tub, you can firmly hold the top rim of the wall as you safely transfer and submerge gradually into the waters on the stairs. If additional assistance is needed to transfer in/out safely Aqua Creek does offer a lift that works very well with this model, in addition, some dealers work with ability partners to design lift cover and patient lift entry options as part of the overall solution package.

This treatment of hydrotherapy causes the body to float. As the body floats in the warm water pressure begins to release on the bodies muscles, organs, and limbs. Relaxing and relieving pressure, the brain responds to the changes in the body by producing endorphins. Endorphins produce a sense of well being within the body and they are the body’s natural pain killer. The production of the endorphins creates naturals treatments to anxiety disorders, such as PTSD and sleeplessness conditions, such as sleep apnea.


- This tub seemed to be well engineered with thoughtful design to maximize safety, beauty,comfort and overall enjoyment (we added the music option to allow to add the therapeutic benefits of music).

- This tub has 39 jets which offered the ability to adjust the directional flow and the power of the flow so you can choose a more soothing or vigorous massage.

- Containing two jet pumps; Jet Pump 1 and Jet Pump 2. Jet Pump 1 contains a one speed operation and Jet Pump 2 contains a two speed operation giving the user variety of control.

Benefits To The Body

- Muscle: The key features of this tub make it ideal for people with Muscular Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, and many other physical limitations or chronic illnesses. The warm water and key jet features provide a relaxing environment to relieve exhausted muscles. In some diseases blood flow is often compromised, this tub is ideal for increasing the body’s blood flow and releasing muscle tensions.

- Cardio: Blood flow levels are increased as the vessels become dilated improving circulation.Insulation is found naturally in the body due to the dilated vessels, the insulin can be distributed easier improving blood sugar levels assisting with diabetes.

- Toxic Removal: The temperature increase causes the body to sweat. As the body sweats it assists in removing the unhealthy toxins from the body of the user. The tub was reviewed over several months by several individuals with varying degrees of physical limitations and chronic illnesses. In all cases users reported feeling they received positive physical and mental benefits after repeated usage.

Although the viscosity of water provides an excellent source of resistance that can be easily incorporated into an aquatic therapy exercise programs, water therapy is not for everyone. You should always consult a physician before beginning any warm water therapy regimen. If hydrotherapy is prescribed by your physician for general physical therapy or range of motion your purchase might qualify as a medical purchase and therefore be eligible as a medical tax deduction. Please consult your tax advisor.

Overall we give this hot tub a 5 out of 5 stars.

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