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Honeywell Econoswitch RPLS740B 7-Day Solar Time Review

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The Econoswitch is an excellent automated addition to any mobility challenged home.


The Econoswitch is an excellent automated addition to any mobility challenged home. When you think about home security, especially at night, having a well lit barrier surrounding your home is a detractor for a predator. Anything you can do to deter a security risk is to your advantage. The Econoswitch can definitely add to your arsenal. At a low cost of under $40.00 dollars per switch your local electrician can easily work with you to determine the optimal locations surrounding your home where you can maximize security.

Because the Econoswitch is automated it will automatically turn your lights on and off for you at the times you specify. For someone that is mobility challenged moving around the home every day at the same time can be a challenge. Being able to remove this daily task is likely a benefit to mobility challenges and it can enhance security. The Econoswitch is also intelligent enough to know when daylight savings time is and it will automatically adjust for you.

The Econoswitch is as capable of controlling an outside switch as an inside switch. We also recommend using the Econoswitch to vary your inside and outside lightning to portray the automated illusion of someone being home and turning lights on and off in and around the home. This can be very beneficial to a mobility challenged individual.

We recommend a licensed, insured and bonded electrician be used for any work.

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