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Active Care Spitfire EX 1420 Mobility Scooter Review

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Looking for an affordable, stylish and flexible scooter to maximize your independence and mobility - this scooter is a great choice!


Looking for an affordable, stylish and flexible scooter to maximize your independence and mobility - this scooter is a great choice!

We have tested this design for many months and found this model to be very flexible and easy to use, especially easy for air travel. You can drive this scooter directly to the door of the plane and the airport staff will check it for storage.

The design is slim, yet sturdy and is easy to assemble and disassemble (no tools required) for easy transport. For transport we simply remove and fold the seat, remove the battery and fold down the adjustable tiller and lock it into place before storing in the trunk. The scooter also has a free wheel mode lever at the back. When engaged the scooter operates off of the battery, however, when released allows the scooter to be pushed manually if needed. In free wheel mode the scooter will not engage in drive mode. We did forget occasionally as we’d put it in free wheel mode when storing in the trunk so the wheels would slide forward.

The seat rotates and has an easy release pin under it that either the rider or companion can easily adjust allowing the ability for the rider to drive right up to a table at a restaurant and rotate the seat for seamless restaurant seating or ease in and out of transfer situations. The arms of the seat flip up for easy in/out access.

The speed is adjustable and the forward reverse options can be managed separately on right/left controls are on one side if a rider has limited hand mobility on one side. The battery range is 9 to 15 miles depending on the size of battery, speed and terrain it is being used on. We recommended the larger battery for peace of mind and less frequent charging. The battery is easily removed from the scooter so it can be charged separately from the scooter.

The scooter features anti-tip wheels and a Delta tiller (ovular steering handle) for those with limited hand dexterity…. this was a big factor in our testing as many of our members have limited hand dexterity and the straight handled scooter options weren’t as easy to maneuver over longer periods of use. The tiller adjusts for height and angle and allows the rider to bring the hand controls to the right level for maximum control and ease of use.

If your doctor prescribes any special ROM (Range of Motion) exercise programs, equipment, or mobility assisting devices (ie… hospital bed, power wheel chair, walker, automotive and home modifications, pool and spa additions, pool and spa lifts) it could qualify as a medical tax write off (consult your tax professional).

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