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This solution has been developed for disabled individuals who are not able to communicate well and
for their caregivers so that they are able to provide custom care to the disabled individual. Many of these
individuals may have ALS, Alzheimer's, Autism, Cancer, MS, or Parkinson's. They may have a spinal cord injury or be a military veteran. Documenting how to help an individual before it is difficult to understand them is very important for the individuals family, friends and especially where there are caregivers

Article Body:

- Number each step with ease;
- Create your own unique categories, we provide many categories to get you started;
- Easily create step by step instructions;
- Each step can be up to 490 characters or less;
- As your needs grow you can simply add a category and print only the new steps;
- When you are done the solution will format all of your steps for you in an easy to print layout.


To view the Examples PDF click on the file at the bottom of this page. These are only examples, your pages will contain your data.
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