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This solution has been developed for disabled individuals who are not able to communicate well and
for their caregivers so that they are able to provide custom care to the disabled individual. Many of these
individuals may have ALS, Alzheimer's, Autism, Cancer, MS, or Parkinson's. They may have a spinal cord injury or be a military veteran. Documenting how to help an individual before it is difficult to understand them is very important for the individuals family, friends and especially where there are caregivers

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How To Use This Solution
Use the Home page for all of your text input. There are 3 ways to get to the Home page - click on the
green Home button at the top of the page, select the Home page from the upper left menu on your screen
or select the control key Ctrl and press the number 1 key at the same time from your computer's keyboard.

There are 3 primary fields on the Home page. They are the Number, Categories and Description fields.
Use the Tab button on your keyboard to move between the 3 fields or click on the field. You are able to
edit the Number and Category fields. To do this Tab or click on the field, scroll all the way down the list,
select the bottom option for Edit. You are now able to modify the existing list, add to the list or delete a
number or words from the list. If your Description is to long for the Description field make another step. To
create a 2nd step use the green Duplicate button on the Home Page, then change the number from 1 to
2 and then change your Description to the next step. It is ok that your Category for the records are the
same. When you select the My Lists green button from the Home Page it will handle the formatting for
you. If you would like to organize your Categories simply add a number in front of each name.

How To View Your Lists
From the Home page you will select the green My Lists button to view all of your records. Each Category
will have 1 or more records associated to it, you decide. If you wish to have a multiple part process you
will want to select the same Category for each part of the process. The Number you assign to each
record will determine the position each record is assigned to under each Category. If you like your
My Lists list select the Continue button on the upper right of the page to Print your records (Exit Preview
when done) or the Cancel button next to the Continue button and then select the green Home button to manage your records. Use the arrows, on the upper left of your screen, to show you multiple pages if you have them.

Use the Format feature to change your text anyway you like. Print your pages and place them in clear
plastic sheet protectors. Leave them around where they can help with the tasks they are related to. Put
them in a binder.


To view the Examples PDF click on the file at the bottom of this page. These are only examples, your pages will contain your data.
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