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Promote Your Cause and its Awareness

Disability Reports makes it easy to share what you know and see by providing you with a platform related to your cause. When multiple people share information related to the same cause it builds awareness for their cause. Example: We recently shared an article regarding Gamification with a Chief Scientist that holds a PhD in Neuroscience and he was unaware of any related research, although because of our effort in starting the discussion now the scientist has elected to start a discussion with his colleagues.

Traditional research seems to take a long time. If we all get involved in actively promoting new innovative conversations and thinking towards finding a cure for any disease it will fast track solutions and revolutionize research.

The Source for Disability Solutions

We maintain the largest collection of disability information.


Our product reviews focus on only the very best from our research. Each review incorporates feedback from actual disabled individuals that benefit from using the product or service.

Our Mission

Since 2011 our mission is to provide valuable information to all people dealing with disabilities of all kinds and of any age. When someone becomes disabled they, their family and friends all share in the experience. Our goal is to make the experience easier for everyone involved.


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